Set yourself up for the Series Exam Today

In the event that you are at present attempting to get into the matter of requesting, buying and offering securities, odds are you have in any event found out about the Series 7 exam, which is required for anybody needing to work together in different corporate securities. The exam might be viewed as overwhelming, yet here is some data about finding the best arrangement 7 exam prep to set you up.

About the Exam

The exam is meant to test the candidate to ensure that they can be competent brokers and dealers. The test covers seeking business as well as evaluating a customer’s financial status, as well as recommending investments and maintaining records. Passing this test means that you are able to perform all the duties necessary to work with corporate securities. This is a vital exam for financial professionals because in addition to allowing them to do their job, it is also a prerequisite for many other exams.

There are 250 scored questions on the exam, with an additional 10 pretest questions that are not counted toward the final score. The test can be taken over a 6-hour period, broken into two three-hour sessions with 130 questions each. To pass you must get a score of 72 percent.

Finding the Right Exam Prep Package

Due to the importance of this demanding test, it is vital to find the best series 7 exam prep program out there in order to help you study for the exam. For example, you want a program that covers the wide variety of questions that will be on the test, including functions, tasks, rules and regulations and more. The right series 7 exam prep package will also include thousands of sample questions to use for practice as well as practice exams that can be taken throughout studying to students know if they are retaining what they are studying.

Many exam prep companies offer packages that offer different things depending on your budget as well as how much of the resources you think you will need. Where some students do better just taking practice tests, other students will need additional help from resources such as flashcards. The package you get should be based on which resources you are actually going to use, as well as what you can afford to spend. Some packages even include mobile apps for studying on the go.

Another resource that may not be offered in all exam prep packages is access to a live instructor, whether it be in person, over the phone or over the internet. Some packages just give you a test booklet full of study tips and example questions and let you figure it out from there, but if you can afford the added cost, getting a tutor to help you learn and study is a great investment.

It is important for your career to pass this test, and you want to do your best to ensure that you can pass it the first time so that you can get your certification and move up in the business world instead of having to wait. Look into the best series 7 exam prep programs to assist you today.